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Jenn Gonzalez

Stylist | JZ Styles Extensions Certified

Specializes In: 

Hand Tied Extensions

Lived In Color

Dimensional Color


About Jenn

It’s your girl Jenn! I’ve been fascinated with the beauty industry my whole life, and 10 years ago I started my journey into making people’s hair dreams into a reality. Whether it’s long blonde hair or short edgy hair, it brings me so much happiness to see the smile on my clients faces.


Hair painting is my therapy, whether it be a balayage or another dimensional color. I like to think of myself as a versatile stylist as I like to do anything that’s on trend or just super fun for my clients including hand tied extensions! As you get to know me, you’ll know I’m full of surprises and laughter, since I like to crack a joke every now and then. You may even see a couple dance moves!

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